Message From the Principal

Letter From the Principal

We want to provide an atmosphere conducive to each student successfully accomplishing their educational goals. We want to also provide students with an atmosphere that allows them to receive training that will help them find the career that they wish to pursue. I anticipate having a great relationship with each student, parent, and staff member in the Wickes School System. My door is always open to all. I will strive to help students, teachers, and staff find solutions to problems they may encounter. I believe schools must have a caring and orderly environment in order to meet students' needs. We will do our best to involve parents and communicate with them about their child. If I can be of assistance to any student, parent, or faculty member, please let me know.


Jerrall Strasner


Jerrall Strasner




Philosophy on Education:

To set high expectations for student achievement in order to obtain independence after graduation.


I graduated from Umpire High School where I live with my wife and daughter.

Years at Wickes:

This is my second year as principal at Wickes High School .


I have a B.S. degree in Education at Henderson State University,and a Masters degree in Administration at Harding University.


Interests and Hobbies:

My hobbies include going to church, playing the drums, going camping, spending time with my family and going to Arkansas Razorback games.