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The Duration Wed Stays In Your System

One of the world’s renowned herb is Cannabis sativa which is also commonly known as weed in many circles. There are other names that have been coined over time for the same herb but it is commonly referred to as weed all over the world. Accroding to research, weed has a lot of medicinal value and we definitely need it. The abuse of weed, however, can actually be very disastrous for the user and the society at large. As a matter of fact, weed is among the most abused drug there is in the world. The benefits are great and have actually helped a ton of people in the world though and therefore it’s a herb that is like a double edged sword. The thing is, weed can really stay in your system for years especially for frequent users. Some tests can actually easily verify if you are a weed user or not and if so, the period you have used it can also be easily determined.

Consider the drugs that are done to find weed use so that you can know how long weed might be in your system. The most common drug test done that most people prefer is the urine test. Employers mostly use the urine drug test when they want to know what the drug history of their employee is. One of the main reasons this is so is because the urine drug test kit is the easiest to get and the cheapest at that. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deliver because it actually does a pretty good job. Another advantage of this test is that even history of use can be detected. The more you have used the drug, the more it will be detected.

Another test that is not commonly used is the hair test. This is because it is not so reliable due to the fact that before the drug gets to your hair, it will be a while. The growing hair that is closest to your scalp will be what is taken as a sample.

You should have in mind that you will need to know the factors and processes involved when trying to understand the length at which weed has stayed in your system. It is, therefore, imperative to understand the tests involved. One of the major tests is blood test and is an effective test. It is vital to note that those people who do not consume weed more frequently, it only takes less than forty eight hours detect marijuana in their system.

It takes around seven days for weed to
be detected in the system of heavy consumers. Saliva test is also another method that can be used to determine the amount of weed is in one’s system and how long it has stayed. Saliva test is more of time taken.

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