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What are Table Saws? Table saws are among the most common tools that can be seen in the workplace of any woodworker. This equipment is bulky and large and is marketed with different versions. For those who are just starting out in woodworking industry, choosing the best one will not only be cost-efficient, but will help them get the most out of their equipment. Table saws are considered to be one of the must-have power tools for woodworkers, and anyone who is into woodworking knows why. There are two major classifications of table saws: those with an open base and the cabinet type base. As the term suggests, the cabinet type has an enclosed base that extends all the way to the floor, while the open base only has a metal box that surrounds its internal working parts. Between the two, the cabinet type is the more expensive one and because of its added material, is also heavier. Table saws come in different types other than classifying it according to its base. These categorization includes the benchtop table saws, the hybrid saws the contractor saws and the cabinet saws. Durability and portability are the two factors that would-be woodworkers should consider when planning to buy a table saw. Among the four, the hybrid table saws are gaining popularity in the market nowadays. This is probably because it has the advantages of a cabinet table saw, but is being sold at a much lower price. Performance-wise, the hybrid table saw is also able to deliver the same performance with the contractor saws which are more expensive.
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By description the cabinet table saw has a huge amount of steel and cast iron, thus making it heavier and less portable. The advantage of this kind is it is more accurate compared to the types and has minimal vibration. In comparison to contractor table saws, cabinet table saws have easier to adjust gears and have better dust collection systems. The basic highlight of benchtop table saw is its lightweight feature. Compared to the other types, benchtop table saws do not have a very complex system, making it easier for beginners to use. This kind of table saw also uses a level supportive surface or operates on top of a table. Contractor table saws have wheels which are not usually present in cabinet table saws, thus making it mobile. Contractor table saws are also known for being bigger and come with a hefty price tag. Contractor table saws are usually the type that is commonly used by hobbyists and homeowners.
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It is best to gain a strong understanding of the types of saws available in the market. A saw is probably one of the most important tools of every carpenter or woodworker. With the strong knowledge of the different types of saws, it is easier to determine which kind to purchase.